Share the Love

I clearly recall telling anyone who would listen that my first-born child (son) was just going to have to love quilting so that I wouldn’t hear any complaining when I visited quilt shops.   Although I haven’t fared much better at the quilt shop than I do at the grocery store, I’m fortunate enough that he loves all things mechanical……sewing machines are no exceptions.  Dear daughter happily does whatever I do, which is a delightful blessing.  

What a great day it was to have both children working happily on their very own quilts.  They both managed to learn some basics- front sides together, finding the edge of a foot as their guide, alternating colors/patterns, etc.    

I found these 5″ pre-cut squares in what is called a Charm Pack at the Fat Quarter Shop.  I didn’t have the same luck finding an assortment of boyish patterns in a neatly packaged stack, however a deep dive into my old stash of juvenile fabrics proved to offer a sufficient assortment to choose from.  They are both so proud of themselves and I am filled with joy watching them share in my passion.



One Response to “Share the Love”

  1. kathryn Says:

    So, methinks, as husband and friend,
    A dose of reality is best in the end.
    As these two fillies, well-intentioned and bold
    Spend most of their time with fond stories retold.
    And, as to the balance tween quilting and chatter
    To these dear friends the quilt doesn’t matter.

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