Something changed……

I love being the mom of 2 boys. They like bugs- I don’t. They love to play sports- I don’t.

The list goes on and on.

Yesterday, though, something changed.

I had made an appointment to meet someone at a park, but I had neglected to tell my boys about the meeting, thinking I didn’t need to warn them about it, because it was at a park….. Well, they have many props that they enjoy bringing to the park- scooters, basketballs, bikes, helmets, and so on. I have one prop that I bring to the park, a prop that always stays in the car so I always have it, and that is my crocheting. We arrived at the meeting about a half an hour early- no problem for me- I pull out the crochet bag and I sit back and take a deep breath and get ready to enjoy some rare relaxation. The boys, however, are feeling lost- no friends to play with, no sports equipment, nothing with wheels to ride on— what can we do??? I let them mull it over in the backseat for while, thinking to myself how I have failed to include enough imaginary play into their childhood….. when suddenly, my younger son says, “Well, mom, you’re just going to have to teach us how to crochet!!!” I started laughing, feeling slightly relieved that at least they had a good sense of humor, but my son just kept on insisting. Then his older brother joined in, asking for a crochet lesson on the double.

Well…… what is a mother to do?

I relinquished my one crochet needle that I was using on my crochet project to my younger son and proceeded to instruct him on making a chain stitch- feeling confident that his interest would be momentary and soon I would be back to my relaxed position, crocheting on MY project. To my surprise, he picked it up right away, practically grabbing the yarn out of my hand, proclaiming, “I’ve got it, I’ve got it, you don’t need to show me again.” Then my older son was ready for his lesson. I wrestled the crochet needle out of my younger son’s grip, promising him I would give it right back to him as soon as I taught his brother, and proceeded to show the technique to my older son. He also was able to do it quite easily and did not want to share the needle when I had to make good on my promise to give it back to my younger son. Both boys actually spent the whole time crocheting until my appointment arrived.

They crocheted last night when we got home

and they woke up this morning asking for yarn to crochet with- totally unheard of in our household until today. So, this afternoon, I took both of them to the LYS to pick out their very own crochet hook and yarn, which they thoroughly enjoyed. As we were driving there, one boy commented that this time we were going to the yarn store for them, not for mommy (they have been there countless times before, always dreading the trip).

So, tonight, I have this to look at…….

What a sight…….

Now I can say-
They love to crochet,
and so do I!

I love being a mom…..

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One Response to “Something changed……”

  1. Kathryn Says:

    I MISS YOU ALREADY!!! I love the post. I love having those moments when all is right and that connection is solidified with a shared love. Please, please, please post more!!

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