International Quilt Festival, Long Beach

Kathryn and Stephanie

Kathryn and Stephanie

We had a wonderful time at the International Quilt Festival! So much to see- so much to buy! Over 500 booths! You really could go crazy in a place like this. We didn’t get to see everything- I think you would need at least a week to visit all the vendors. It was great fun to meet the quilt shop owners and see all of their fabulous kits in person- they are so much more beautiful in person. You literally couldn’t decide between all of the gorgeous fabrics. There were many inspirational quilts-crazy quilts, thread painting, perfect applique, stunning bold color combinations- I think I now have about 20 quilts swimming around in my head. I can’t wait to go back again next year!


For a new baby….

Storytime Baby Afghan

I just finished this baby afghan for my niece’s baby.

She hasn’t had the baby yet, but she is due very soon. They decided not to find out in advance what she was having, so I made her a white blanket. It was fast and easy, but I like how it turned out. I used a cotton, acrylic blend by Lion Brand called CottonEase. I would definitely use it again. I liked the feel of it- more weighty than acrylic- yet still soft like acrylic.

Close-up of edging

I substituted the edging for something a little less feminine.

I’ll be sending it off tomorrow…..

Finally Fishished

I think I started this quilt a while back (probably around the end of last year or beginning of this year).  It, like many others, took a back seat once in a while as I discovered newer projects to become obsessed over.  However, I can finally say it’s finished. Well, almost.   I haven’t put the label on yet but it, too is complete.  This quilt design was super easy (as evidenced by the pattern) but the new thing for me was making the tiny piping that went between the inner border and the main body of the quilt.  I think Steph and I saw this use of piping at the Road to California quilt show back in January but I can’t remember what we specifically saw.  

This is a gift for a sweet baby girl whose mommy has a great sense of style in her interior design business.  I wanted to make something with a more modern flair instead of a traditional baby quilt.  Hopefully, this accomplished it.  Off it goes…



Drewskie….Meet Robie

The little man has been laying on the sofa under the weather so I thought I’d find a way to cheer him up a bit.  It’s the 4th of July and I know he’s disappointed that we won’t be doing anything since he’s not well.  What shall I make to bring a smile to his face?  I bought this wonderful pattern from Wee Wonderfuls called Space Boy and Robot but I didn’t have the pattern with me so I used the image from her site as an inspiration and voila….

Drewskie, meet Robie:


Now I didn’t have the templates for the robot pattern so this is very free-hand.  It did the trick though.  Robie and Drewskie have been inseparable for the last two days!  I can’t wait to get to where my patterns are kept to make a “real” one!  If you haven’t been to Wee Wonderfuls, scoot on over. Her work is sure to inspire!


The first tomato of the summer

It’s finally time to pick our first tomato of the season. We were late getting our veggies planted this year, but they still seem to be doing well.

Last year, we had numerous problems and we were only able to harvest a few tomatoes. This year, we are staying way more on top of it- and look at that tomato! Now, to figure out who gets to eat it…..

Happy Birthday America!

We celebrated this very patriotic holiday by attending our community 4th of July Parade. It is a tradition with our family- we all enjoy it.

It’s not too crowded and we sit under the same tree every year, although this year we noticed that the bushes around it are getting so big that soon we won’t be able to fit our chairs between them.

This year there were many different horse-drawn carriages of all shapes and sizes.

And sweet little girls pulling their teddies…

The boys scored a bag full of candy, so everyone was happy.

I hope you had an enjoyable July 4th, too.