Drewskie….Meet Robie

The little man has been laying on the sofa under the weather so I thought I’d find a way to cheer him up a bit.  It’s the 4th of July and I know he’s disappointed that we won’t be doing anything since he’s not well.  What shall I make to bring a smile to his face?  I bought this wonderful pattern from Wee Wonderfuls called Space Boy and Robot but I didn’t have the pattern with me so I used the image from her site as an inspiration and voila….

Drewskie, meet Robie:


Now I didn’t have the templates for the robot pattern so this is very free-hand.  It did the trick though.  Robie and Drewskie have been inseparable for the last two days!  I can’t wait to get to where my patterns are kept to make a “real” one!  If you haven’t been to Wee Wonderfuls, scoot on over. Her work is sure to inspire!



One Response to “Drewskie….Meet Robie”

  1. Steph Says:

    Robie is adorable! I love the “read-out” stitching on the front and his starry antenna on top.
    Hope the little man is feeling better today.

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