Painting Fabric

Both Stephanie and I were incredibly inspired by the work of Gloria Loughman and her use of hand-painted fabric and thread painting.  A tutorial of her work can be found in her book Luminous Landscapes as well as on a three-part series on YouTube (of all places).  We poured over the book and watched the videos a number of times and then decided to have a go at it.  

The wonderful thing is that creativity begets more creativity and we are looking forward to trying more techniques.  These two images are of the results of using fabric paint on muslin and then epsom salts sprinkled over the fabric.   

I have since added acrylic paints to our supplies and we’ll attempt using those in our next endeavor.



One Response to “Painting Fabric”

  1. Lorilee Says:

    This is off topic from the post 😉 But this is the first blog I have been to that is shared by friends. That is so sweet. I love the idea! You two must be great!

    Love it.

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