The best way to get eggs…

At least that’s what the kids always say.  We’re blessed to have neighbors who do a fine job of raising livestock.  The kids and I will visit just because they are lovely people but the fact that there is always something to see makes the visit ranking up there in terms of great things to do!  My DS has this “thing” for chickens.  He has for years.  There is something very enjoyable for him about capturing them and then stroking them like a kitty.  I particularly love the “capturing stance” that precedes the actual catch!


And then, of course, the look of success!


Little sister has always struggled to catch one on her own……


But I guess she, too, has grown and is now capable!


I also love to see our neighbors’ horses.  I’ve never aspired to own or ride one but I do find them to be majestic creatures.  This is 34-year-old Rubio, which is quite old for a horse.  He is retired from working for the Border Patrol and now spends his days being loved on by my dear friends.  Such a beauty…..


Now, what do I do with these eggs????  Fortunately, I love to bake and use them in cooked dishes.  Virtually no one in my family eats eggs for the sake of eating them so it’s a good thing that they’re so versatile! 



2 Responses to “The best way to get eggs…”

  1. Melody Says:

    I love chickens! And I love eggs too. I love to eat them plain, or in fried rice, or in egg drop soup, or in cake, or in brownines or….

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Your letter for the game is “J”. Have fun!

    Now I’ll go read some of your blog posts and oooh and aaah over that quilt I saw before I came to drop you a line! 🙂

  2. Lorilee Says:

    Cute chickens. Even cuter kiddos 😉

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