Christmas Tree- Oh, Christmas Tree

Every year on Thanksgiving evening, I bring out the Christmas tree and decorate it until it’s done.  I have a “set” look that I usually try to go for and to ensure this, I put a second tree in the family room that the kids can decorate with all of their more juvenile ornaments. Perhaps it’s due to my desire to create as many things by hand this year as gifts, but this year our Christmas tree is only dressed in things made by hand as well (less the pretty glowing tree top angel I found at Hallmark).  I hope this will start a new tradition in our home that will be carried over year after year.  Since this is our first year, the tree is a little bare but I love it just the same.  


The kids worked hard (with a lot of  little help from mom) on stringing garland.  I tried to start with traditional popcorn and cranberries but it sure didn’t look so good after a day or so so we switched to a combination of beads and pompoms.  We even used nontraditional colors this year and the funny thing is…. I LOVE IT.  I may even stick some presents under the tree wrapped in hot pink paper!


Don’t you just love the palm trees visible from the window?!?!?  Gotta love Christmas in Southern California.



A few years ago, the kids and I really got into setting up a Christmas town in the space where our firewood goes.  This year, my baby boy big boy put most of it together on its own (with a little help from his buddy).  Had he not at least got things set up, it probably would have stayed packed up in the garage.  I’ve been too busy sewing to focus on anything that would detract from my time away from the machine.  Anyway, after a few minor adjustments, the town now lives!  Thank you, sweet boy.



From our home to yours, Merry Christmas to all!!  I hope your homes are filled with much joy during this season.


kathryn (k)


2 Responses to “Christmas Tree- Oh, Christmas Tree”

  1. Steph Says:

    Gorgeous! I can smell the hot chocolate!
    Merry Christmas! Love the garland 🙂

  2. Melody Says:

    Ooooh! I love the look! And that last pic of your family room, fireplace, and Christmas tree is beautiful!

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