Handmade goodness

As I’ve already mentioned, I really wanted this year to be more about gifts made with our hands (at least as much as possible). Here are just a couple of examples of things made this year.

This idea came from Lorilee over at Livenlearnnow. My intention was to paint the acorns but didn’t get to it.  I decided (on Christmas Eve) that it could be a project that Andrew helps me with.  I purchased the hand-made catapult from here and the acorns from here.  The target was just made out of felt circles drawn from a pot, a plate, and a bowl and backed with another layer of felt. Man, I love felt.  It has to be some of the most versatile fabric available!  

These great little coloring totes now go everywhere with us.  They can be taken into restaurants and even transport any portable school work that needs to be done on the road.  The fabric for Andrew’s tote actually came from the fabric I purchased to make his quilt.  However…..my homemade gift list was longer than I had days to create them.  I still have plenty of fabric so that is one of my next projects.  Hannah’s tote is made from Anna Maria Horner’s fabric.  So fun. I love the ric-rak that I picked up at the last quilt show in Long Beach.  

The pattern I used is for the “Large Coloring Tote” and can be found at http://www.clotheslinequilts.com/coloring.php
It was pretty straightforward and easy to make. 

colorbaga  colorbagh

This last little thing for show-and-tell was a gift for me made by my lovely children.  Daddy picked out the kit for this stepping stone and the kids did all the work (supervised and directed). So pretty and I’m so proud of them for finishing the project that took a couple of days (steps) to create.  Thank you, darling children. And thank you wonderful husband for helping them create something for me that I will always cherish- especially their handprints and initials on the belly. 





4 Responses to “Handmade goodness”

  1. Melody Says:

    That *is* a great game! I love it!

    Cute tote! I bought some material long, long ago to make a coloring book & crayon carrier for my kids….the kids are now older teens and the material is still in a box. 😦

    I love mosaics! What a fun and colorful frog!

  2. Lorilee Says:

    SO GREAT!!! I love your target!!!!! WOW! And the crayon totes!!! You are so awesome!!!!

    Just so great!!!

  3. cheryl boykin Says:

    i would love the pattern for the crayon tote………………ty

  4. Lisa Says:

    I’d love the pattern please!

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