Giant Kaleidoscope

The kids and I took off for San Diego a couple of weeks ago to have a few “hands on” school days (long overdue) and had a marvelous time.  These photos were taken of a giant kaleidoscope in the San Diego harbor.  There were magnificent creations that lined the harbor but this was by far my favorite.  It actually worked!  There were several levers to pull and twist and the image produced from these different variables was incredible.





I’ve always had a “thing” for kaleidoscopes so I’m not sure who was more thrilled, the kids or me!  




In response to the CPSIA near disaster for many home-based crafters who sell their lovely creations, Anne from Bird and Little Bird coordinated a wonderful toy swap for handmade goods.  I was so excited to take part in this wonderful statement.

My swap partner, Sarah, will soon be receiving this sweet little friend:  


It was completely inspired by Meg’s version of the Kit, Cloe, and Louise pattern over at WeeWonderfuls.  Earlier I posted about Fay which was from the same pattern just adapted a little.  I may have said it before but both of these sites are a source of great inspiration for me.  Also of great inspiration are the new fabrics from the Good Folks line by Anna Maria Horner.  One of these days I will make a quilt from her fabrics.  For now, I get my fix by using the fabrics for dolly clothes and the like.  

When I first signed up for the toy swap, I had already decided I wanted to make that kitty I saw on SewLiberated’s blog. However, after seeing Sarah’s sweet little nephew that reminded me a great deal of Andrew when he was a little tyke, I remembered a pattern out of a goofy softie book I had picked up at Barnes and Noble one day.  So, I decided to make this simple but pleasing (and maybe a little kooky) car for Charlie (or anyone else Sarah chooses). 


Probably the best thing that happened during this toy swap was learning of the good news that the CPSIA has extended this deadline by a year in order to finalize the details concerning the use of certain materials.  Even better news for softies makers is that cotton and wool have been excluded under this proposed  certification. Yippeeeee!!!


She Can Fly!!!


Just a quick update on the pretty, white bird.  We believe that it is a homing pigeon of some variety.  Anyway, she (he) has been named Groovy and she seemed to really be anxious to try to fly.  So after a couple of weeks of convalescing we decided to give it a go.  Our great neighbors up the street took care of her the second week as we actually live in two places and couldn’t really take her to the other house.  That next weekend, we walked up the street to see if she could do it and to say our farewells.  


Mr. Mike let Andrew hold her just before releasing her.  He lifted her up high and gave her a little toss and …….and…….and……


she didn’t get very far.  But just then, she took to the sky and flew to the top of the house.  She spent about 1/2 hour up there which left us all wondering what we would do if she didn’t fly away.  We have lots of red-tailed hawks that live on our surrounding foothills and she surely wouldn’t survive up there for long.  During this time she seemed to be exercising her wings and getting herself oriented.  Here is a picture of her wound that is still visible.  The yellowing on the wing is from the iodine solution that we kept on the wound.


She finally found the direction she wanted to go and flew about a mile or so up the road before landing out of sight.  

Bye, Groovy.  We’ll miss you.